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Togetherness - Spring 2019

I had a great time at the Grenada's Downtown Jubilee Festival on September 28, 2019!

Even with the mishaps, I sold one photograph and got good feedback on my photographs! Here are my photos series, so you can take a look at it. Enjoy!

Built after the Golladay Home - Antebellum Home - Grenada, Mississippi
The Whitaker Home


Antebellu Home - Locatioin: West Point, Mississippi
Waverly Plantation Mansion


Antebellum Home - Location: Columbus, Mississippi
Shadowlawn Bed and Breakfast - Photograph SOLD


Antebellum Home - Location: Benoit, Mississippi
The Burrus Home a.k.a The Baby Doll House


Antebellum Home - Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi
McRaven Home


Antebellum Home - Location: Rolling Fork, Mississippi
Mont Helena


Amtebellum Home - Location: Greenville, Mississippi
Belmont Plantation

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